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What is the Miriam Award?

The Miriam Award is not an award which any girl desires to earn, but one that is given in recognition of unusual courage in the face of catastrophe. This article is taken from the Leader Training Guide and shared with you as a reminder to share these courageous stories with the national office.

The Miriam Award, which is named after Miriam of the Old Testament, consists of a letter of citation from the national Girls Ministries office and an imprinted photo frame. The award is not something that may be sought after. It is given to a girl for courage or fortitude shown in a time of crisis or catastrophe.

A sponsor who wishes to nominate a girl to be considered for the Miriam Award should complete and mail a Miriam Award nomination form to her district Girls Ministries coordinator or district Women’s Ministries director within six months of the girl’s outstanding act. (Forms are available from your district Girls Ministries coordinator.) The form calls for the following information:

  1. The name and address of the nominee
  2. The name of the church the nominee attends, the girls club to which she belongs, and the sponsor’s name and address
  3. A thorough account of the incident involved, including the date and place
  4. A written endorsement of the account by two other adults acquainted with the incident (a pastor, parent, witness of the incident, etc.)

The district Girls Ministries coordinator or the district Women’s Ministries director will in turn forward the information, along with her written recommendation, to the national Girls Ministries office to be considered and acted upon by an impartial committee. The following will be considered by the committee:

  1. Outstanding courage in the time of crisis
  2. The saving of a life
  3. Spiritual fortitude and outstanding attitude under adverse circumstances, such as loss of sight, loss of a bodily member, permanent disability, etc.
  4. Spiritual strength and maturity beyond her years during a family crisis and/or hardship

The Miriam Award is not related to the Mpact Girls Clubs achievement programs.

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