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Frequently Asked Questions

We have divided our Stars Club into two groups — one for third- and fourth-grade girls and another for fifth-grade girls. How do we keep from repeating any units?

Churches that divide their Stars Club as you do should select different units for each group so that sponsors do not teach the same unit two years in a row. For example:

Third grade — *Salvation, *Bible Survey, *The Life of Christ, Women of the OT, Sports, Introduction to Foreign Missions, Family, Music, Latin America & the Caribbean Studies, Citizenship, Esther, Asia Pacific Studies, Water Baptism (new 3-unit pack)

Fourth grade — *The Holy Spirit, *Prayer, *Healing, Home Missions, Fitness, Women of the NT, Puppetry, Making Right Choices, Fruit of the Spirit, Visual Arts, African Studies, Personal Evangelism, Growing (new 3-unit pack)

Fifth grade — *Introduction to Our Church, *Integrity, *End Time Events, Armor of God, Camping, Cooking, Europe & Eurasia Studies, In His Image, First Aid, Friendship, Grooming, Joseph, Holy Communion (new 3-unit pack)

*Three The World of Truth units per year

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