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Getting Started

Sunlight Kids Rainbows Daisies Prims Stars Friends Girls Only

Girls Ministries is about intentional outreach and Christian discipleship for girls. We provide resources to help churches and individuals teach girls biblical truths that will help them learn to make God-pleasing decisions.

Why just for girls?
Gender specific ministry is crucial for developing girls into women of God. Girls are faced with so much confusion and temptation in their daily lives, but in a setting catered to girls they can connect with each other and an older mentor who can invest in them through Bible study and activities and help them grow in their faith and discover the answers to the questions they face.

How to Get Started

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Getting Started Packet  | Spanish Getting Started Packet | TGM Starter Packet 

Unit Topics/Overviews (Downloadable List) | Format Options | Achievement or Non-Achievement

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Sample Rainbows and Daisies Lesson  | Sample Prims and Stars Lesson  | Sample Friends and Girls Only Lesson

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Girls Ministries
Relevant and Fun  |  Fast Facts  |  Start Up Essentials  |  Before Your First Meeting

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Relevant and Fun

Looking for resources that seamlessly weave fun and biblical training together?

Girls Clubs are relevant and fun

Girls Ministries is for your group.

• Adventures, activities, and games show girls how discovering God's Word is fun!

• Lessons teach girls valuable life skills, everything from sportsmanship and integrity, to cooking and outreach.

• Girls learn how to choose actions, attitudes, and behaviors that please God.

• Girls encounter difficult situations in their growing up years. By intentionally fostering relationships between girls and the leaders, Girls Ministries creates a safe environment for girls to discuss issues they face and get godly counsel.

• Girls Ministries is flexible. Use curriculum for straight discipleship in a small group setting and/or include the achievement based resources. Meet whenever is best for your group, some different ways to use the curriculum include: small groups, Sunday school, ministry breakout groups, after-school program, home school co-op, one-on-one mentoring, or weekend retreats. 

• Most importantly, Girls Ministries shares with each girl that God loves her and wants to have a relationship with her.

Fast Facts

• Age level groups offer a variety of units, so leaders can choose which ones best fit the interests and needs of their girls.

• Units can be completed in four weeks (six weeks for middle and high school levels), which means visitors can easily follow along with the other girls on each topic. View unit topics

• Girls have the potential to learn 242 Scripture verses.

• In the third- to fifth-grade level, girls begin a regular Bible reading routine and read the entire New Testament.

• In the Teen Girl Ministries (middle and high school) level, girls read the entire Bible.

Achievement or Non-Achievement

A closer look at today's culture confirms the need to offer a non-achievement option for utilizing the curriculum. If the traditional methodology of the curriculum is not feasible in your church, the material can be used solely as a discipleship tool.

Benefits of Non-Achievement

Non-achievement means that the girls in you club do not follow the standardized requirements as outlined by the national Girls Ministries Department and the curriculum is used soley for discipleship and mentoring.

If your girls are uninterested in working the requirements into their schedule this might be the best choice for your group. The curriculum still offers the same discussion and biblical base for a woman-to-girl mentoring program. Some benefits include:

  • Tailor your own requirements to the curriculum.
  • Girls are not required to memorize the Scriptures and Central Truth.
  • Fewer time pressures to complete a required amount of units.
  • Allow the girls to work at their own pace rather than staying within the standard timeframe for each club.
  • Girls are not required to memorize distinctive and pass a review.
  • Girls are not required to complete unit projects.

Benefits of Achievement
Achievement consists of treating the curriculum according to the standards and requirements established by the national Girls Ministries Department. For example: in order to graduate from Friends club, a girl must complete 18 units, memorize the Assemblies of God's Statement of Faith, read the entire Bible, and earn at least a 70 percent score on the Friends Review. Some benefits include:

  • Helps the girls gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
  • Participating in local and district recognition events helps them feel a part of a larger group.
  • Provides symbols to accompany the knowledge they have gained through awards.
  • Helps them feel like they are part of a larger community of clubs.
  • Girls are more likely to do the work of reading and learning the Scriptures if guided by a trackable charted out program.
  • All they are required to learn will enrich their faith and serve as tools as they grow older.

Whatever your choice, achievement or non-achievement, you have many options for how to personalize your club, make it enjoyable to the girls in your club, and most importantly help you to disciple and mentor them.

Format Options

Format Options
There are a variety of options when it comes to format. You can also consider more than one format. For example, if you decide to meet as a small group, you can work in one unit or more as a weekend retreat in orger to delve into that topic more.

Consider the following formats below in addition to the traditional Wednesday night option. These are just a few options:

  • Small Group: Allows for advertising of special interest topics. It also allows an opportunity to delve into one topic, related topics, or treat the group like a traditional club going through each unit's subtopics.
  • Sunday School: This setting allows for study and optional charted achievement. This setting can work well when seeking to meet on a non-youth night.
  • Ministry Breakout Groups: Use the curriculum as a guide to open discussion and scriptural insight. Treat the activity page or journal work as optional.
  • After-School Program: Practical and applicable to un-churched girls, or girls whose schedules work best after school.
  • Home School Co-Op: This setting provides an opportunity to teach character-building and explore Christian education. This also allows home-schooled girls to enjoy time with other girls that girls in private or public school receive.
  • One-on-One Mentoring: An established and defined discussion guide to open doors for mentoring and training.
  • Weekend Retreats: Allows leaders to delve into specific topics and invite guest speakers, add fun features, and engage in discussion breakout groups.

Mpact Kids Clubs

Sunlight KidsSunlight Kids
(Birth-36 months)
Sunlight Kids takes your nursery from simply baby-sitting to intentionally teaching Bible truths to young children. When you choose Sunlight Kids, you can feel confident that you are more equipped than ever before to effectively share God's love with little ones.

Developed by early childhood experts, Sunlight Kids uses a proven approach children understand. You get year-round instruction in a format that's so easy to use,your volunteers will have as much fun as your little ones!

With Sunlight Kids you get:
* Twelve months of reusable curriculum
* Teaching methods that tap into kids' ability to learn by repetition
* One foundational Bible story for each month
* A program that is flexible enough to fit any church's needs, whether you use it once or multiple times per week.

Rainbows: The Noah’s Zoo Club
Rainbows products(Preschool boys & girls 3 & up)
Rainbows Unit Overview   |   Rainbows Year 3 Unit Overview

Rainbows launches little hearts into the exciting journey of discovering God and His great love. Noah's Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games for this preschool club. Unit topics can be completed in 4 weeks. Rainbows can add colorful animal badges to their vests as they complete requirements if your church chooses to follow the achievement program.

Mpact Girls Club Descriptions

Daisies: The Sonshine Club
products(Kindergarten girls)
Daisies Unit Overview

Girls lay a foundation for godly character with lessons on
everything from believing to giving, and obeying to trusting. Darcy, Diana, and Dorie (paper dolls) help Daisies make life applications from the Bible stories and principles they learn. Dorie is hearing impaired, so girls
get to learn memory verses in sign language. Four-week units allow visitors to fit in right away. Daisies earn colorful badges depicting club characters if you choose to follow the achievement program.
Prims: The Discovery Club
products(1st & 2nd grade girls) 
Prims Unit Overview

Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun. Units can be completed in 4 weeks. Prims earn colorful badges depicting club characters as they complete requirements for the optional achievement program.
Stars: The Fun Club
Stars products(3rd–5th grade girls) 
Stars Unit Overview

Girls complete units in the four worlds: The World of Truth (basic Christian doctrine), The World Around You (missions), The World About You (activities), and The World Within You (character development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of the club's
options. Completing the achievement program allows girls to be Honor Stars. Fourweek units are supplemented with projects and Adventures.

Teen Girl Ministries

Friends: The Where You Belong Club
Friends products(6th–8th grade girls) 
Friends Unit Overview

Discussion-oriented lessons help girls make godly decisions about issues they face. Plus, the incorporated Bible reading teaches girls to search God's Word for answers to life questions. Awards (a necklace and unit charms) are available for those choosing to follow the achievement program.
Girls Only: The G.O. Club
Girls Only products(9th–12th grade girls) 
Girls Only Unit Overview

This small group program offers girls a safe place to share their struggles, fears, and hopes with other girls. Girls Only can meet weekly, monthly, or anytime in between. Studies deal with gritty, real-life issues, so that girls are armed with God's truth as they face the world head-on. Girls may follow an achievement program if interested.

Additional Free Resources

How do we resource you to help your girls thrive spiritually and make a difference in their world? 

We have many free online resources designed to help women guide girls through today's culture.

Social Concerns
We live in a time when the lines between godliness and lawlessness seem to become more and more blurred, giving rise to confusion and raising questions we may not be equipped to answer. As parents and leaders we have the responsibility to be a source of sound information and encouragement to our girls. Social Concerns is dedicated to presenting you with relevant insight into the issues facing our girls today.
Hot Topics
Finding answers to many of today’s complicated cultural issues can be frustrating and confusing. Hot Topics are designed to provide leaders with a guide to lead biblically-based discussion on topics that are relevant to girls today. Each topic has a student guide and corresponding leader guide. Download these lesson plans for conversation with your teen girls.
Each week this monthly calendar focuses on a different theme and provides a daily activity and Scripture passage. This is a great way for girls to learn to spend some quiet time with the Lord every day! Available for elementary and teen girls.

Elementary Girls Daybook  |  Teen Girl Daybook

Mpact4Girls Website
Looking for a safe place on the Internet for your elementary age girls? Check out our Mpact4Girls website. They can learn about missions, play games, take quizzes, email in questions for advice, and get activity ideas. Check it out at:


offers resources to help women develop as leaders, mentors, and teachers of girls. The subject matter discussed will include uplifting devotions, insightful articles, occasional fun and easy recipes, as well as information to help increase your awareness of social concerns facing our girls today.

Leader's Connection: Bi-monthly publication for those involved in Girls Ministries clubs.

Parent's Breakroom
This room is where people who are married, single, divorced, or widowed can draw from a wealth of resources to help them navigate through one of life’s greatest adventures — parenting!

Annual Missions Emphasis (Coins for Kids)
Coins for Kids (CFK) is the missions arm of Girls Ministries. Each year the national Girls Ministries Department, in cooperation with the Assemblies of God World Missions and US Missions, selects a missions project that specifically affects children. A free downloadable video communicates the need to leaders and girls. The CFK fund is part of Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) and girls learn that they can make a difference in their world through their giving. Regular online reports show girls how their giving is adding to the grand total and how the project will use the funds given.
Nationwide Girls Ministries Sleepover
The Nationwide Girls Ministries Sleepover occurs annually on the fourth Friday and Saturday of September, however, it can be held on another night of the year if that works best for your church. To plan for the event, a Sleepover
planning guide is available for free download. It contains resources such as activity suggestions, a devotion, and a product order form to enhance the fun. The Sleepover is designed for any church to use as a girls only event, not just
churches with our clubs. It is a great tool for outreach to the community and always includes a salvation message.
Teen Girl Retreat
This free downloadable is designed to help your girls develop a deeper relationship with God and each other. Flexible: you can pack everything into a day, or stretch the retreat out into a full three day weekend. Sessions: most are discussion-oriented, so girls can talk freely about where they’re at and you can share from your own life experiences.
TGM Supplemental Project Ideas
Supplemental project ideas for Friends and Girls Only Clubs are available on the national Girls Ministries website. Go to the downloadable resources button on the left hand side of the web site and click Teen Girl Ministries.
TGM Blogs
Leaders Blog: Ideas, resources, and topics that affect ministry to teen girls.

Teen Girls Blog: A great way for your girls to connect with other Christian girls and talk about topics that affect their lives.
The Loft
The Loft is a special part of the TGM web site designed just for teen girls. It has quizzes, mortifying moments, book suggestions, and more!

Digital Communication

Girls Ministries Facebook Page: A ministry network where district Girls Ministries directors, Mpact, TGM, and general Girls Ministries leaders can share ideas, resources, encouragement, or simply find a place to connect with other leaders across the country. It will also provide a point of contact with the national Girls Ministries staff and will serve as a channel of communication to disseminate NGM information and updates in a timely fashion.

Come like us at

Start Up Essentials

  1. Recruit and Train
    Get started with the Leader Training Guide. Everything you need to know is in here—details on club levels, tips for being an effective leader, the steps for building a program, and much more. This all-in-one training and reference book is also the tool you’ll use to train leaders. When you’re recruiting leaders, put their minds at ease by telling them you’ll provide the tools to make them fantastic leaders. Sponsors can complete the course by correspondence or in a group training session. Contact your district Girls Ministries coordinator for training information
  2. Prepare
    The foundation for Girls Clubs meetings is the Sponsor Guides and Activity Pages for each level. The Sponsor Guide has everything a leader needs to disciple girls through the entire year of curriculum. Everything from lesson plans for every unit, sample activity pages, reproducible resources, and club information.

    Every girl will need the appropriate club-level Activity Pages or Journal Pages. Every unit has its own set of Activity Pages, and they are available individually. That means you can pick and choose which units best fit your girls. Activity Pages are full-color and drive home the point of the lesson. For the older clubs, Friends and Girls Only, lessons are taught through Journal Pages, which are also available individually. They help girls get to the heart of how the lesson applies to their lives. We also recommend Intro Pages for each girl in Friends and Girls Only. These pages provide a prayer journal, Bible reading journal, undated calendar, and address book.
  3. Have fun!
    Gather the girls and leaders, and have a blast getting to know each other. This program teaches solid, Bible-grounded principles, and it also helps develop relationships between everybody involved. Enjoy every part of the discipling process!


Before Your First Meeting

Plan the Time and Place for Meetingsdiscipling girls
Select a place for club meetings. Usually a room at the church is best. Decide on the time and frequency of meetings that fit your situation. Friends and Girls Only clubs should not conflict with youth-group meetings. These two clubs can hold their meetings on a different night, Saturday morning, or after school.

Plan Financing
Establish a treasury as soon as the club is organized. Funds may be raised in various ways, including regular club offerings, a subsidy from the church, a Women’s Ministries group, or fundraisers. Some clubs charge membership dues. (Girls should not be excluded from attending if they cannot give.) Each club should send a tenth of all money it receives to its district Girls Ministries office to help with district administrative costs (view disticts).


  • Announce Girls Clubs meetings in church, Sunday school, children’s church, vacation Bible school, and youth group.
  • Put announcements on bulletin boards, and in newspapers, and church bulletins.
  • Send postcards to prospective members.
  • Personally invite girls to Girls Clubs.

Plan an Introductory Meeting
Invite parents and girls to a get-acquainted meeting. Introduce sponsors and display samples of the activity books or journals, uniforms, and unit awards (badges, charms, pins).

Apply for Charter
Chartering is done through each individual district. For more information and details on how to charter contact your local district director. Prior to your first club meetings, apply for each club’s official charter according to your district’s policy.

You will receive charter certificates and individual membership cards.

Frame and display the certificate in your clubrooms. The certificate will remind the girls in each club that they are part of a national and international organization.



1. Do we need to start with every club?GM Clubs

No. Start with the clubs that match your kids’ ages.

Sunlight Kids—Birth - 36 months boys and girls
Rainbows—Preschool boys and girls
Daisies—Kindergarten girls
Prims—1st and 2nd grade girls
Stars—3rd through 5th grade girls
Friends—6th through 8th grade girls
Girls Only—High school girls

Tip: If your total number of girls is fairly small, bring them together for activities, crafts, and games. We can help you plan similar units for various clubs.

2. Can we use the girls clubs without the achievement program?

Yes. Girls Clubs is an achievement-based program that utilizes badges and awards as a tool to disciple girls. A closer look at today's culture confirms the need to offer a non-achievement option for utilizing the curriculum. If the traditional methodology of the curriculum is not feasible in your church, the material can be used solely as a discipleship tool. View the benefits of both.


3. Can we do the program effectively if we only have a few girls in each age group?

Yes. If you need to, just combine the clubs to fit the needs of your church and girls. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

2 Groups: Mpact Clubs combined & TGM Clubs combined

3 Groups: Rainbows & Daisies, Prims & Stars, Friends & Girls Only

4 Groups: Rainbows, Daisies & Prims, Stars & Friends, Girls Only

Tip: We also provide the Together Plan for churches with a limited staff. We have combined Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers based on age-level clubs/outposts, breaking out for gender-specific mentoring opportunities. This plan is designed for small churches that need a combined ministry for staffing reasons but with the eventual goal of progressing toward independently operating ministries for boys and girls. The Together Plan is available for download on our website.


4. How can we integrate Teen Girl Ministries clubs with youth?

Remember that your girls belong to God & our aim should be to partner with parents, youth ministry, & other ministry that affects your girls to create well-rounded girls who are discipled, growing, & committed to Christ. Keep these things in mind as you work with others in your church to reach your girls.

Communicate: Keep your youth pastor in the loop about girls clubs activities.

Coordinate: Keep youth event dates in mind when planning your calendar.

Cooperate: Remember you're on the same team & working toward the same goal. Volunteer to help with youth events or consider using the girls group as a small group for your youth ministry.

As you work together, partner, share resources, & encourage one another, the girls in your community will benefit from your teamwork.


5. How can we see the curriculum format?

Order Supplies

For a free, current Girls Ministries catalog, call Gospel Publishing House at 1-800-641-4310.

Visit our online store for easy access to all of our official Girls Clubs products.

Every coordinator will need:

Every sponsor will need:

Suggested training:

  • Leader Training Guide (Disponible en Español) English Item #02-0497, Spanish Item #02-0498, DVD (English and Spanish) Item #73-4934
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units - Education: Bronze Level - Created to help teachers sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom. Unit topics include children with special needs or disabilities, the dynamics of mentoring, and understanding learning styles (Disponible en Español) English Item #02-4103
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units - Community: Silver Level - Offers continued training centered on societal factors that affect the church today. Units include: blending the generations, the world in your clubroom, community outreach. English Item #02-4104
  • Momentum Leadership Development Units - Personal Growth: Gold Level - This training focuses on personal and interpersonal relationships as well as the worldviews that influence us and those around us. Units include: managing conflict, living graciously, building a biblical worldview. English Item #02-1484

Every girl will need:

  • the appropriate club-level Activity Book or Journal

Every visitor can receive:

  • Unit Activity Page or Journal Pages

Evaluate your club's needs and order uniforms, posters, and other Girls Clubs supplies as desired

iOnly One Packet Request per Church Please.

Information Packet Request Form

  • Please enter the 4 letters displayed in the box to the left.